a NanoTechnology Division of Propinar LLC

Invisible Coating

ProNano Liquid SiO2 coating technology places a colorless, invisible, protective and robust nano SiO2 particle shield bonded to the surface.  Any surface that is coated with Liquid SiO2 becomes an extremely superphobic, hydrophobic, oleophobic and durable surface.

Benefits of using nanotechnology coatings Eliminates the need to use any cleaning chemicals Removes the cost of using all cleaning chemicals Reduces cleaning cycle times by 30 - 40% Increases hygiene in many public places Protects the surface for a long time No alterations in look or color to treated surfaces Water repellent Grease and Oil repellent Saltwater repellent Detergent proof Resists acids, alkali and solvents Odorless and colorless Short drying time UV stable